• PAVER™

    DOD PAVER Training Courses
    are offered for the DoD and DoD contractors with a Common Access Card through the Transportation Systems Center and through the Army Installation Management Command.

    Other Training courses for all other PAVER users
    are offered through the Colorado State University Paver Center and APWA.

  • PCASE Software Training
    PCASE offers workshops to train users in the design and evaluation of pavements using PCASE software.

  • Transportation Prospect Courses
    View Pavement Classes offered through the USACE Learning Center.
    POC: Lulu Edwards, 601-634-3644,

  • Transportation Research Board
    Subscribe to the Transportation Research E-Newsletter to get TRB Webinar Updates by clicking on subscribe in the upper right hand corner of the TRB Webpage. Anyone with a or an address is eligible to participate in TRB webinars at no cost because the USACE and AFCEC are TRB sponsors.

  • Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
    Air Force Institute of Technology, Continuing Education site. View upcoming courses offered by the AFIT.


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