Software Applications

  • PCASE - Pavement Design & Evaluation Software 7

  • PAVER™ - Pavement Maintenance Management System

  • GeoExPT - Geospatial Expeditionary Planning Tool -registration required to download software

  • ERDC DECEL - Deceleration-based friction assessment tool for smartphones.

    This software records accelerometer and magnetometer data from commercial off the shelf smartphones and reports peak deceleration in units of %g, where g is the acceleration of gravity. The ERDC DECEL app may ask for permission to access the device's internal memory. This access is used to save acceleration and rotation data to the device at the conclusion of a deceleration test.


    This application is used to collect and analyze Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) data for unpaved landing zones (LZs) and to use that data to determine the allowable passes for a defined set of aircraft.

  • ACN/ACR Program - Beta version computer program for the calculation of aircraft ACN and ACR numbers.

    The ACN/ACR Beta is intended for review and submission of comments and changes. A final version of this computer program will be posted once approved by IMCOM. You will need to have your government CAC available to download the software.

    To run the program, download and extract the linked .zip to a folder. All files must be in the same folder for proper execution.


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