Evaluation Reports

  • Army Evaluation Reports
    -Access to Army evaluation reports is restricted. To get copies of reports, submit a request to the specific garrison ADTIP POC with a reason for the request. The list of ADTIP POC's is available on the ADTIP website. If the garrison is unable to supply the requested report, submit the request to the IMCOM POC, Michael Andres at michael.r.andres.civ@mail.mil for approval

  • Air Force Evaluation Reports
    -Non-Air Force personnel must have access approval. Contact Shaun Moya, shaun.moya.1@us.af.mil, for approval.

  • Navy and Marine Airfield Evaluation Reports- To access the NAVFAC portal (location of the reports) users must request a login account. On the New SSO User Registration form enter Floreto Lomibao, floreto.lomibao@navy.mil, as the NAVFAC Sponsor, and give reason for requesting access.

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