Criteria Update*

(*Draft Documents - may be used for reference only, previously signed documents are still the officially binding criteria)

File Title PI  
UFC 03-260-02 Pavement Design for Airfields - October 2014 Kordon Kiel Access Documents
Technical Report TSC 13-1, Inspector's Manual for Hot-Mixed Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction Access Documents
UFC 3-230-01 Surface and Subsurface Drainage Travis Mann Access Documents
UFC 3-250-08 Standard Practice for Joint Sealing and Cracks in Rigid and Flexible Pavements Kent Newman Access Documents
UFC 3-250-03 Standard Practice Manual for Flexible Pavements Gary Anderton Access Documents
UFC 3-250-02 Standard Practice Manual for Rigid Pavements Andrew Harrison Access Documents
UFC 3-250-01 Pavement Design for Roads, Streets, Walks and Open Storage Areas Carlos Gonzalez Access Documents
FM 5-430 Planning and Design of Roads, Airfields, and Heliports in the Theatre of Operations Tommy Lee Access Documents
UFC 3-260-03 Compiled Draft - Sept 2014 Access Documents


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