TSC updates/reviews/develops airfield, railroad and roadway planning, design, and construction criteria documents. 

For all tri-service criteria, please refer to the USACE TechInfo Site.

Airfield Construction Contracts

TSPWG M 3-260-00.23-01, Contracting Airfield Pavement Work

UFC and UFGS Documents

Airfield Planning & Design

UFC 3-260-01, Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design

UFC 3-260-02, Pavement Design for Airfields

UFC 3-260-04, Airfield and Heliport Marking

Airfield Lighting/NAVAIDS

UFC 3-535-01, Visual Air Navigation Facilities

UFC 3-535-02, Design Drawings For Visual Air Navigation


Roads & Railroads Design

UFC 3-250-01, Pavement Design For Roads and Parking Area

UFC 4-860-01FA, Railroad Design and Rehabilitation

UFGS 10 14 53,Traffic Signage

UFGS 34 71 13.16,Vehicle Crash Barriers

Geotechnical/Paving Materials

UFGS 32 11 20, [Base Course For Rigid] [And] [Subbases For Flexible] Paving

UFGS 32 11 23, Aggregate Base Course

UFGS 32 11 23.23, Base Course Drainage Layers

UFGS 32 12 15.13, Asphalt Paving For Airfields

UFGS 32 13 14.13, Concrete Paving For Airfields And Other Heavy Duty Pavements

UFGS 32 17 23, Pavement Markings

Tri-Service Pavements Working Group (TSPWG) Documents

Tri-Service Pavements Working Group (TSPWG)

TSPWG 3-250-07.07-6, Risk Assessment Procedure For Recycling Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Suffering From Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) In Airfield Pavement Structures

TSPWG 3-260-02.11-4, Airfield Pavement Drainage Layers

TSPWG 3-270-08.14-03, Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) For Airfield Pavements

TSPWG M 3-250-03.11-3, Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)

TSPWG M 3-250-04.06-2, Alkali-Aggregate Reaction In Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Airfield Pavements

TSPWG M 3-250-04.97-05, Proportioning Concrete Mixtures With Graded Aggregates For Rigid Airfield Pavements

TSPWG M 3-260-00.23-01, Contracting Airfield Pavement Work

TSPWG M 3-260-02.01-8, Resin Modified Pavement Design And Application Criteria

TSPWG M 3-260-02.07-3, Jet Engine Thrust Standoff For Airfield Asphalt Edge Pavements

TSPWG M 3-260-02.09-2, Contingency Airfield Pavement Specifications

TSPWG M 3-260-03.02-19, Airfield Pavement Evaluation Standards And Procedures

TSPWG M 3-260-03.22-01, Constructing Pavement Design And Evaluation Charts

TSPWG M 3-260-04.18-01, Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Of Retroreflective Glass Beads

TSPWG M 3-270-01.04-10, Determining The Need For Runway Rubber Removal

TSPWG M 3-270-01.08-2, Testing Protocol For Rapid Setting Rigid Repair Material

TSPWG M 3-270-01.08-4, Testing Protocol For Polomeric Spall Repair Materials

TSPWG M 3-270-01.3-270-07, O&M: Airfield Damage Repair

Technical Manuals

TM 3-34.48-1, Theater of Operations: Roads, Airfields, and Heliports—Road Design

TM 3-34.48-2, Theater of Operations: Roads, Airfields, and Heliports—Airfield and Heliport Design

Technical Reports

Technical Report TSC 10-1,Technical Report TSC 13-1, Designer's Guide for UFGS 32 13 16.16 Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Pavement

Technical Report TSC 13-1,Inspector's Manual for Hot-Mixed Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction

Technical Report TSC 13-2,Aircraft Characteristics for Airfield Pavement Design and Evaluation - Air Force and Army Aircraft. This document is CUI and requires a CAC to download. Others requiring this document must go through their Service POC.

Technical Report TSC 13-3,Aircraft Characteristics for Airfield Pavement Design and Evaluation - Commercial Aircraft

Other Criteria

ER 1110-34-1 This regulation sets forth the authority, policy, roles and responsibilities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Transportation Systems Mandatory Center of Expertise, also known as the USACE Transportation Systems Center (TSC). It also provides guidance and procedures by which the USACE Commands and other Department of Defense (DoD) and Government agencies obtain these services.

Interim Guidance for Unmanned Aircraft Systems(UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS)

FAA AC 150/5320-5A, Airport Drainage Design, dated 8/15/2013











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