The Pavement Maintenance Management System (PAVER™) is the State-of-Art technology in pavement management.

PAVER™ provides pavement management capabilities to: (1) develop and organize the pavement inventory; (2) assess the current condition of pavements; (3) develop models to predict future conditions; (4) report on past and future pavement performance; (5) develop scenarios for M&R based on budget or condition requirements; and (6) plan projects.

Visit the PAVER™ website for more information or contact George Van Steenburg or Megan Splattstoesser.




Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering (PCASE) is a software for the design and evaluation of airfields and roadways. Visit the PCASE website for more information or contact George Van Steenburg,PCASE Manager/Pavement Specialist, 402-326-5646.




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